New Debit Cards

New Debit Cards Are Here!

Update as of 10/6/21: Start using your new debit card. We’ve been hard at work testing at ATMs and stores. Don’t forget to update your new card information with monthly subscription services like Amazon, Netflix, etc. To activate your new card call:  1-888-691-8661. To choose a PIN for your new card call: 1-888-891-2435. There are some problems with QuikTrip stores. We have been in contact with their corporate office and MasterCard to rectify the issue. Currently, they only transaction that seems to work is using debit/PIN at the pump to pay for gas.

*Note: If you have an ATM card (grey in color with green trim, DMMCU logo, and no MasterCard® symbol), this card expired in October, and you have to upgrade to a debit card with the MasterCard symbol. We attempted to reach all ATM cardholders by phone or mail to notify you of this change. Call us at 515-283-4195 to discuss your options.

Update as of 9/10/21, Anticipated live date is October 6: Your new debit card will likely arrive before the October 6 live date. Continue using your current card until October 6. You can activate and choose a PIN for your new card when you receive it, but you won’t be able to use it before October 6.




Why am I getting a new Debit Card?

To offer our members the most up-to-date card technology, we had to make changes to our cards to provide you with the best experience possible.


What is changing with my Debit Card?

Your card will have a new card number, expiration date, and CVC code. It will also have an EMV chip for added security.


When I receive my new Debit Card, can I use the same PIN?

You can use the same PIN you have now or choose a different one. You will have to activate your card, then choose a PIN by calling 1-888-891-2435.


What if I have a secondary cardholder?

Secondary cardholders will receive their card in a separate envelope. It will have a unique card number and will have to be activated separately. It can have the same or a different PIN from the other cardholder.


How will transactions work with my new Debit Card?

This new debit card has real-time balance authorizations for both credit (signature) and debit (PIN) transactions. You may need to insert your card for transactions at most merchants and ATMs (if the merchant/ATM has a chip reader).


What new services will I have access to?*

  • You can enroll in fraud text/email alerts.
  • You can download the Card Nav app and have the ability to turn your card on/off, set spending limits and more.
  • You can enroll in Google, Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin mobile wallets approximately 30 days after receiving your new card.

*Currently in test phase as of 10/29/21 Anticipated live date mid-November

What else should I do?

If you use your debit card information to pay for services or subscriptions automatically each month or year, update merchants with your new card information.