Become a Member

Anyone who lives or works in Polk and surrounding counties is eligible to join Des Moines Metro Credit Union. We are a full-service credit union, offering all the products and services you need! Why by just a customer, when you can be a member!

Membership Means Ownership!

It’s easy to become a member of DMMCU! Stop by our main office and provide the following information:

1) Government-issued photo identification

Examples of photo identification we accept include: driver’s license, passport, military id, matricula consular, resident alien card, and most other government-issued photo identification.

2) Proof of address and identification number

If your photo identification verifies your address and identification number (usually a social security number), we will need no further documentation.

Examples of address verification we accept include: utility bill, car registration, rental agreement, paycheck stub, etc.

Examples of identification number verification we accept include: social security card, driver’s license number, matricula consular number, etc. If a social security number is not provided, your account will not earn dividends.

3) The minimum deposit required to open and maintain your savings account is $25. If you want to open a checking, the minimum deposit required to open and maintain your account is $100. If you wish to start an account with a direct deposit or payroll deduction, no opening balance may be required.

4) Once you become a member, you may retain your membership (even if you leave the qualifications of enrollment), as long as you maintain an active share savings account.

If you have questions about membership with DMMCU, please contact us at 515-283-4195 or