Fraud Updates

Please note: Des Moines Metro Credit Union will never contact you by phone, text, or email to request personal or account information, such as debit/credit card number(s), social security number(s), account number(s), etc.

Equifax Breach Resources (September 2017):

Free annual credit report from all three credit bureaus:

DMMCU makes every effort to keep our members informed about scams and the many ways that thieves will attempt to steal account information. Please be aware that DMMCU, other credit unions, and other financial institutions can be fraudulently referenced in text messages and e-mail phishing scams which have been received by members and non-members alike.

REMEMBER – DMMCU HAS NOT AND WILL NOT ASK YOU FOR INFORMATION VIA TEXT MESSAGE OR E-MAIL.  The fraudulent texts and e-mail messages often contain an “alert” that an ATM/Debit card or some other service has been suspended, or that “unusual activity” has occurred, and urges the recipient to call the phone number listed or complete a form to provide account details to reactivate the account or card. This use of text or e-mail messaging to illegally collect sensitive information is called “smishing” (text messages) or “phishing” (e-mail).

Watch for the following clues to determine if a communication appears to be fraudulent:

  • Contains an incorrect/unfamiliar web address and/or email address
  • Includes an attachment for an unknown source
  • References a “secure” page but the web address does not include “https”
  • Account holders are referred to as customers; not members
  • Account activity at a financial institution where you do not even have an account is referenced

Usually, the best course of action is to make us aware of the fraud, then delete the text or email. DO NOT RESPOND.

For everyone who has reported these scams to us – thank you for questioning the authenticity of these messages. When we hear from concerned members, it is extremely helpful to us as we work to identify and shut down these scammers.