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You may be eligible for credit with no collateral required. Affordable terms, reasonable rates, and payroll deduction are available with these and all of our loans.

Credit Builder loans are also available. Your credit history plays an important role in your day-to-day life. It can affect everything from renting an apartment, obtaining a cell phone, receiving insurance, or even qualifying for a job. That's why it's important to build credit responsibly, and DMMCU can provide you the steps to build credit.

Use the money from a Credit Builder loan for the things you need, like education expenses, computer, furniture, car repairs, vacation, and just about anything else.

What you need to apply for a Credit Builder loan:

  • Proof of two current months' of employment (tax return, copy of paychecks, proof of direct deposit)
  • Provide name, address, and phone number of your current employer
  • If you have been with your current employer less than six months, please provide your previous employer’s information.


  • Membership with DMMCU for at least 60 days.
  • You must be with your current employer for at least six months or with your previous employer for at least one year.
  • Other qualification requirements may apply. Please see a loan officer for more details.

First Step: You may qualify for up to $500. You will pay the $500 loan back in a six-month time period. It is very important to make timely payments, and we recommend you don’t pay the loan off early. It takes at least six months of solid payment history to begin establishing credit. You’ve made the first positive step!

Second Step: You may qualify for a second loan of up to $1000, when you pay back the first loan with the guidelines we establish. You will pay the $1000 loan back in a 12-month period. It is very important to make timely payments, and we recommend that you don’t pay the loan off early. You’re on the second step to solidifying your positive credit history!

Third Step and Beyond: When you have completed the first and second step of the Credit Builder program, you should be on the road to a positive credit history. You may be ready for another personal loan, a credit card, or maybe even a car loan. You should now be able to borrow for most of the things you need. Remember to look to the credit union first for all your borrowing needs. We’ll be here as a resource when you have questions and need advice.

How you can maintain a high credit score:

  • Paying bills on time
  • Taking care of any collection items on your credit report
  • Avoiding high balances with a lot of different creditors
  • Keeping fewer credit cards and making regular monthly payments
  • Maintaining a mix of credit
  • Avoiding bankruptcy 

Apply for a loan now with DMMCU.

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