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Schedule of Fees Today is

All fees effective as of 5-12-14. Call 515-283-4195 for details on commercial account fees. 

Share Draft Checking Account Fees


50 share drafts or less processed

 No monthly fee
Excess share draft fee (over 50 per month)  $.50/check
Overdraft (NSF) for returned ACH or draft  $28.00/item
Overdraft (NSF) for paid ACH or draft  $28.00/item
Stop Payment fee  $28.00/item
Overdraft transfer fee from savings  $5.00*
Overdraft transfer fee from MasterCard  $5.00*
Account/Statement copy printout (per month)
Account balancing and research  $20.00/hour
Temporary Checks
 $ 2.00/four cks
Check copy  $3.00/check
*Subject to 6% Iowa sales tax--includes 1% local option sales tax. 

ATM Fees


10 withdrawals (W/D) and 10 point-of-sale (POS) transactions

 No monthly fee
ATM W/D fee (over 10 per month)  $2.00/withdrawal*
ATM POS transaction fee (over 10 per month)  $2.00/transaction*
ATM balance inquiry fee  $1.00/transaction*
ATM W/D fee (outside Iowa)  $1.00/transaction*
Extra cards (no charge for first two)  $5.00
Transfer between account or deposits  No monthly fee
Daily withdrawal limit  $510
*Subject to 6% Iowa sales tax--includes 1% local option sales tax. 

MasterMoney Debit Card Fees


Unlimited MasterMoney transactions per day (swipe and sign)

 No monthly fee
Annual/Monthly Fee  No fee
Photocopies or reprints of transactions  $1.00/page
Lost card or lost PIN  $5.00/card
Cash advance fee  No fee
Daily purchase limit  $1,000/day

Account Access Fees


10 Tellerphone calls/month

 No monthly fee
Each additional Tellerphone call  $2.00/call*
Home Banking access  FREE
Bill Payer  FREE**
*Subject to 6% Iowa sales tax--includes 1% local option sales tax. **If Bill Payer is not used to pay a bill in a 60-day time period, we have the right to automatically terminate the service.

Miscellaneous Fees 


Corporate check to a third party

Certified corporate check  $5.00/check
Money orders  $1.50 each
Outgoing wire transfer (inside US)  $15.00
Early account closing (before 6 months)  $15.00
Reopen closed account within 6 months  $5.00
Dormant Account Fee  $5.00/month*
Inactivity Closing Fee  $25/after 3 years**
Incorrect address  $5.00/month
Administrative Levy  $10.00
Legal Process Fee  $25.00
Foreign Check Collection  $15.00
Non-Member Notary Fee  $5.00/document
Return Deposit Item-Issued to you by another person  $10.00/item
Return Deposit Item-Written on your account at another financial institution  $25.00/item
Health Savings Account  $2.00/month
Account Research Fee (electronic/other)  $20/$50/hr
*A dormant fee is assessed when mail has been returned for one year, and the account has been inactive for one year.

**Inactivity closing fee is for accounts that have been inactive for three years, when we receive no response after attempting to contact a member.

Check-Cashing Fees


Check Cashing For Members

 $3.00* (up to $1,000--1% for checks over $1,000)
Check Cashing For Non Members  $5.00* (for checks up to $1,000)
*The check-cashing fee is waived for members who have a $500 relationship with DMMCU, an active checking account, or regular direct deposit. The fee is also waived for members 18 years of age or younger. The maximum fee is $20. 

Annual Safe Deposit Box Fee


3'' x 5'' x 24''

5'' x 5'' x 24''  $25.00
3'' x 10'' x 24''  $35.00
5'' x 10'' x 24''  $45.00
10'' x 10'' x 24''  $65.00
Fee For 1 Lost Key


Fee For 2 Lost Keys  Drilling costs
Please call DMMCU at 515-283-4195 to check the availablity of safe deposit boxes.

Visa Gift Card Fees


Initial Load Fee For Amounts $25-$750

Lost/stolen card replacement fee  $5.00/card
Maintenance fee--First 12 months  No fee
Maintenance fee--After 12th month  $2.50/month*
*$2.50/month until card balance is $0.

Visa Prepaid Reloadable Card Fees*


Aquire card

Load Fee  No fee
*For a complete listing of fees associated with a Coopera Prepaid Reloadable Visa Gift card, visit:



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