Member Testimonials

Arcelia Martinez cropped

“In a year and a half, I built my credit from nothing and bought the vehicle of my dreams. Thank you for everything!”
– Arcelia and family, DMMCU members since 2010

Tania & Jose 5

Credit is everything here in the US; it’s a number that will follow you anywhere you go. Without credit it’s hard to do many things, like buying a car, furniture, cell phone, or in my case, refinancing a house. When people think of credit, the first thing that comes to their mind is “I owe money”. That’s what I used to think when I had no credit history. I thought paying in cash would benefit me more and get me out of extra fees and owing someone money. In reality paying cash does no good for you; there is no proving you’re responsible enough to have debt. Thanks to Des Moines Metro Credit Union I know that having credit benefits me instead of hurting me. Thanks to having a credit history I can now buy new furniture for my parent’s house and soon refinance our house. Thanks to Des Moines Metro Credit Union and the Credit Builder loan program, I can give a little something back to my parents for all that they have done for me.

 Tania, DMMCU member since 2013


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“Des Moines Metro Credit Union helped me buy a car. I didn’t have the money to buy a car, but I started the Credit Builder Loan program, and at the end I could buy my car. With the Credit Builder Loan I learned to establish a monthly budget so I knew how to spend my money and how to save. It’s important to have a credit history to take advantage of opportunities and reach financial goals.”

-Martina, DMMCU member since 2009


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